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If You Don't Have a Sponsorship then please file out the other type of booths!
Please See Forms Below!


Support Burbank Pride & Have A Sponsorship Booth 2023

If you have paid for your sponsorship package and want a booth please sign up here so we can reserve a space for you - If you are not a sponsor please return to the Vendor Page (Thank you)

Thank you all that participated in 2023. Please reach out to us if you want to join us

next year by emailing us at THANKS!!!

Sponsor Booths come with your package. It's a 6x6 booth, if you need more space please let us know. If you decide to sell anything or collect any money at the event you will need a sellers permit and if you don't you will need a Temporary Peddlers Permit for the event. Please let us know so we can get one for you. They run around $45 for the event.

Please Upload Your Logo or Picture

Thanks for registering!

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